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Welcome to Buckroth Enterprises

Founded by Andrea Kae Roth-Ross, MA, Author, Proofreader (Critiquer), Speaker, Blogger, Sole-proprietor… this service can assist you in all your writing(s)!

Appealing to manuscripts of all sizes through writers, essayists, scholars, students, academicians, alum, etc., etc., Buckroth Enterprises (BE) is steadfast in its tasks-to-goals.

These tasks are inclusive, but not limited to suggested tense/voice detection; suggested correct spellings and suggested punctuation marks; suggested organization of a writer’s thought(s) on paper; suggested adjective embellishment(s); suggested adverb placement, although adverbs have recently become useless; and more.  It is not the aim or intent of BE to change a story.   All typewritten clarifications, suggestions and/or corrections are up to the original author to deem useful.

“What Exactly is a Proofreader?”

“The average person confuses editing and proofreading. In reality, they’re two very different (yet equally important) stages of the writing process. Editing happens before proofreading. It’s big-picture stuff like restructuring, deleting huge chunks of text if needed, and generally making sure that copy flows well and reads as it’s intended to be read.

“Proofreading, on the other hand, is the final stage of writing. It’s when you meticulously go over content with a fine-tooth comb looking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Proofreading helps turn a final draft into a perfectly polished, ready-to-go-live draft.”

Source is from “workfromhomehappines.com.”