1.)   Submittals in English only.

2.)  Submittals need to be typewritten and marginalized at 1” x 1” on white background.

3.)  Font Style Times New Roman, size 12.

4.)  Formatting font sizes is at discretion of writer, especially for book size(s). Please clarify.

5.)  Submittal length to be no more than 5 (Five) pages at one time.  One-page with one word or one line will be charged as a full page.  Make it work for yourself.

6.)  Submittals need only be Emailed

7.)  No Tables, Diagrams, or Art Work of any form will be inserted through BE.  If necessitated, that is up to the writer to include/insert; no bibliographies and no reference pages will be inserted or researched via this organization.

8.)  Page Numbers and Continuous Line Numbers may be inserted by you for your future references. Headers and footers are also your responsibility.

9.)  Partial or full Payment of $2.50 (Two Dollars and fifty Cents USD)  is acceptable through personal check.

 10.)  Documents of any size will be stored for 5 (five) days after return to owner.                      

 11.)  Thumb Drive(s) must be provided by document owner.  If paper copy is requested, an extra charge of $0.25 (twenty-five cents) per page will be added due to paper and ink expenses.