Cell phone contact with texting is acceptable and appreciated to discuss your proofreading necessities by Buckroth Enterprises at (916) 396 – 3414.

Voice mail is available of course, in exchange for your updated contact number(s).  Your call/text will be returned as soon as possible.

E-mailing for document submittal(s) is required. 

Once paid for, proofreading will begin. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In the “Subject Line,” of your email,  please type in “Proofreading Project” so I do not delete your message due to spam and/or viruses!  It is always best to call first to arrange and acknowledge a submittal.

Corrected manuscripts will be returned with suggestion in blue highlights. Green highlights are used for comments and questions. These will be used after your acceptance of these services.

A brief contract will be binding and written as follows: I, Andrea K. Roth-Ross, do agree to provide Proofreading and Copyediting services to ___________________________________ (your name) with a fee of $2.50 (Two Dollars and Fifty Cents, U. S.) per single-sided page.

Prior to beginning these services, please print, sign and scan this page back to me at