Okay.  Let me help you highlight your writing skill(s) and your thinking skills through this list of words.  They help to shorten a space, a sentence, and add attractive vigor to your works. You won’t know until you try using them.  Here we go….

  • Very noisy                                      deafening
  • Very often                                      frequently
  • Very old                                          ancient
  • Very old-fashioned                       archaic
  • Very open                                       translucent
  • Very painful                                   excruciating
  • Very pale                                        ashen
  • Very perfect                                   flawless
  • Very Poor                                       destitute
  • Very powerful                               compelling
  • Very pretty                                     beautiful
  • Very quick                                      rapid
  • Very quiet                                       hushed
  • Very rainy                                       pouring
  • Very ruch                                        wealthy
  • Very sad                                          sorrowful
  • Very scared                                    petrified
  • Very serious                                   grave
  • Very sharp                                      keen
  • Very shiny                                      gleaming
  • Very short                                      brief
  • Very shy                                         timid
  • Very simple                                   basic

That’s enough for now, I suppose.  I’m sure your use of the single descriptive words will assist in your creative writings.

Enjoy!  A. K. Buckroth


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  • anhang says:

    Thanks for your useful knowledge . But it’s better if there is more article about difference of the adjectives ,example : very pretty ~ beautiful . How about”nice” ?…so on

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