“Grammar Guardian” by Mary Lou Anderson

“Grammar Guardian” is not only a delightful 28-page quick-reference gude, it is also an excellent and necessary communication guide.  Well-written in detail, its intentions are honed for proper speaking, writing, and understanding proper American English.  I have found it most helpful in many of my writings.  It is a wonderful reminder of what we all learned – or should have learned – in elementary school.

For instance, do you recall “Parts of Speech” (Adverbs, Adjectives, Conjuntions, Interjections – what are these? and/or Possessive Nouns, etc.)?  They’re in here.

What about proper grammar?  Ebonics, Modifiers, Who/Whom, etc.  It’s in here.

Chapter 3 encompasses the proper use of Punctuation Marks.  Very helpful to me as a document and manuscript Copyeditor.  What’s the difference between a Dash and a Hyphen?  There is a difference with proper usage explained…it’s in here.  A most confusing use of an Apostrophe gets me every time.  So, I use this book to assist when I am writing or correcting a document.  For instance, there is an apostrophe used in contractions (e.g., that’s = that is, who’s = who is, etc.) and an apostrophe for possessive nouns (e.g., “the two girls’ coats).

Furthermore, what’s a “Mnemonic?”  No, it’s definitely not a good Scrabble Game or Words With Friends word.  It’s too long.  It’s definition and use can be found on page 19.

Homonyms, Synonyms, Lexicology, and so many more important speaking and writing factors are mentioned in this comfortably designed little book.

Copyright 2007, Mary Lou Anderson  (http://www.sactowriters.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/May-2016-SSWC-Newsletter.pdf)

Just sayin’….A. K. Buckroth, #buckroth, with Buckroth Enterprises Copyediting and Proofreading Services, there is a difference.

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