Are You A “Spark?”

Literally, a spark is a flash of light.  Such as a match striker (stick) when struck against an abrasive striker pad (examine a match book) and poof, there’s a spark.  Or how about an intangible “spark” referencing a young man or woman lover or beau.  That’s nice.

A physical spark may animate a fire or the ignition of an internal combustion engine or its usefulness in electricity, etc.  You can think of other ways, I’m sure.

Besides all of the above, let’s refer to a spark as a leader, a person that leads. “A spark is a doer, thinker and innovator whose unique approach to creative problem-solving betters the live of others.”  (Lynch, Sean.  November 2017; The Costco Connection Magazine, Volume 32, Number 11; page 13; http://www.costcoconnection.com/connection/2017.)

So, are you a spark?  I am.  That’s why Buckroth Enterprises (BE) was born.  Plainly, I can help others by letting them help themselves through the copyediting and proofing services that BE offers.  It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

If you’re not a spark now, think of how you can and may become one.

Just sayin’… Andrea.